YONA Robotics

To enable the massive development of mobile robotics
Yona Robotics offers perception and navigation softwares
for dynamic and complex environments
Based on 20 years of R&D within the INRIA* research center

* National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology


Added values


Based on mathematical models and rules created by humans rather than machines, which enable a formal proof and explanation of the perception and navigation mechanisms employed.

Performance & responsiveness

A close collaboration between perception and navigation enabling higher navigation velocity

Optimized obstacle avoidance
while operating in a dynamic environment

Object recognition (semantic modules)
and their specific handling during motion


Probabilistic methods taking into account
sensor and environment uncertainties

Data fusion across various sensors technologies
lidar, radar, ultrasound, camera

Fault tolerant to sensor loss

Navigation in unknown and unstructured environments

Thanks to an estimate of the ground shape
and identification of driveable areas

No requirement for cartography
or prior knowledge of the environment

Reduced integration cost

Fast & simple integration into your robotic system

A generic and sensor agnostic data fusion platform

Integration & maintenance support services

No learning phase nor massive data requirements

Embeddable software on cost-effective hardware platforms

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